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The Los Angeles County Boards of Real Estate (LACBOR) is a trade association dedicated to real estate issues in Los Angeles County.  We are an amalgamation of local associations of REALTORS®, and consider the local REALTOR® Associations to be our members.  LACBOR is governed by a board of directors appointed by these local associations.  Each member association may appoint up to three directors, and may change them at any time by notifying the Executive Committee of these changes. 

We facilitate discussion and build consensus among and between these associations, as well as with additional stakeholders to ensure that the voices of property owners and real estate professionals are properly and effectively represented for our members. 

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VICTORY ALERT - Centennial at Tejon Ranch approved by Board of Supervisors today!

Tuesday, December 11, the LA County Board of Supervisors voted (4-1) to approve Centennial at Tejon Ranch project. This vote came after over two hours of public testimony with a two-to-one margin of speakers in support of Centennial articulating that this project is the most effective solution to our housing supply and affordability crisis.

Supervisors Barger and Ridley-Thomas added a motion in support for this project to add; a project labor agreement to build the streets, sidewalks and utilities of the development, to include a workforce development and job training program, peer review with CalFire in all parts of the permitting process and provide a water supply analysis for the project. Supervisors Solis and Hahn added a motion increasing the affordable housing set-aside from 15% up to 18%.

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