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Update, October 12, 2021

This bill enjoyed bipartisan support and no significant opposition. It was signed into law on September 28, 2021 (Chapter 345, Statutes of 2021). The Governor had until Sunday, October 10, to sign or veto bills passed by the Legislature.

Update, September 7, 2021

Last week C.A.R. sponsored bill AB 491 (Ward), which would eliminate discrimination in mixed-income multifamily housing, passed out of the Legislature and is now on the Governor’s Desk awaiting Governor Newsom’s signature.

AB 491 (Ward & Gonzalez) Eliminates Discrimination in Mixed-Income Multifamily Housing


Current law allows for the construction of a mixed-income multifamily structure in which the occupants of the affordable units do not have the same access to the common entrances, common areas, and common amenities as the occupants of the market-rate units. C.A.R. is sponsoring AB 491 to prohibit this discriminatory housing practice.

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