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As a Realtor® in today’s world, there is so much happening from technology changes to legislation and other bills introduced that affects us directly in Real Estate and most importantly affects our clients whom we are here to serve both loyally and royally. So, we want you to know that LACBOR, Los Angeles Boards of Realtors®, is here to do the leg work in terms of bringing you information and being your resource go to place in order to facilitate your job.

How you might wonder? Well, we keep you updated on all the Prop changes and invite influential speakers from other associations to explain and clarify the pros and cons of each so that Realtors® are better informed. As you know, knowledge is power and we give you the power to be the person to go to when your clients “need answers “. 

How else can Realtors® help offer clients the right advice and strategize with expertise their clients' major life decision, “To Move or not to Move”?

Simply join our community of Realtors® to reap the benefits and be the voice of knowledge and source of expertise our profession demands of us.



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