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Direct from BizFed, here's a good summary of all the active bills and the statewide legislature affecting Real Estate in CA.
To get current data and to stay up to date on all the information, visit their website and sign up for their newsletter here.


Below is the current information and our actions on the bills that we are tracking in the Second Legislative Session. The bills highlighted are those that are "not moving". 

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Below is a listing of the intiatives and legislative actions that qualified to be on the November 3, 2020 ballot.

November 3, 2020, Statewide Ballot Measures

Proposition 14 – Authorizes bonds to continue funding stem cell and other medical research – Initiative Statute.

Proposition 15 – Increases funding for public schools, community colleges, and local government services by changing tax assessment of commercial and industrial property – Initiative Statue - “Split Roll” -

Proposition 16 – ACA 5 (Resolution Chapter 23), Weber. Government preferences. “Affirmative Action”: Constitutional amendment to remove voter-passed prohibition (Prop. 209) on race-conscious university admissions, public hiring and contracting.

Proposition 17 - ACA 6 (Resolution Chapter 24),McCarty. Elections: disqualification of electors. “Constitutional Amendment allowing felony parolees to votes.

Proposition 18 - ACA 4 (Resolution Chapter 30),Mullin. Elections: voting age. Allows 17 year olds to vote in primaries and special elections if they will be 18 for the general election.

Proposition 19 - ACA 11 (Resolution Chapter 31), Mullin. The Home Protection for Seniors, Severely Disabled, Families, and Victims of Wildfire or Natural Disasters Act. – Allows elderly and disabled Californians, and wildfires victims, to retain lower property tax rates when they change properties. For more info, visit

Proposition 20 – Restricts parole for non-violent offenders. Authorizes felony sentences for certain offenses currently treated only as misdemeanors. Initiative Statute - Rolls back sentencing and parole reforms enacted via Propositions 47 and 57.

Proposition 21 – Expands local governments’ authority to enact rent control on residential property. Initiative Statute – Rent Control.

Proposition 22 – Changes employment classification rules for App-based transportation and delivery drivers. Initiative Statute. “Independent Contractors”.

Proposition 23 – Authorizes state regulation of kidney dialysis clinics. Establishes minimum staffing and other requirements. Initiative Statue.

Proposition 24 – Amends Consumer Privacy Laws. Initiative Statute.

Proposition 25 – Referendum to overturn a 2018 law that replaced money bail system with a system based on public safety risk.

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