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Our Vision

To be the pre-eminent and unified voice of real estate issues within Los Angeles County.

Our Mission

LACBOR’s mission is to drive real estate policy within the County of Los Angeles through education, advocacy, and building stakeholder relationships.

2017 Strategic Initiatives

Housing Policy

  • Leading the conversation on housing supply in Los Angeles County
  • Address the confluence of policies that squelch housing supply
  • Promote equal opportunity in housing and community development countywide.
  • Champion updates to unnecessarily onerous regulations
  • Support equitable and sustainable tax system
  • Combat tax proposals that harm the real estate industry in Los Angeles County

Point of Sale

  • Limit transactional hurdles at the point of sale

Land Use Policy



2017 Policy Platform


LACBOR considers itself an interested stakeholder in any regulation, policy, or legal action that will impact the price, availability, or supply of residential and/or commercial real estate in Los Angeles County

LACBOR supports regulations, policies, or legal actions that increase the supply of housing in Los Angeles County, provided that these proposals do so in a responsible manner that consider existing homeowners and businesses

LACBOR will be a voice at-the-table on the County’s new $100 million per-year plan to construct and maintain affordable housing.

LACBOR seeks to incorporate housing policy into the County’s Economic Development Plan


LACBOR supports reducing existing point-of-sale requirements

LACBOR opposes any attempt to introduce new requirements to the point-of-sale in part of the County. 

Land Use Policy

LACBOR supports regulatory reforms that fully consider environment impacts but are not misused against projects as political strategies. 

LACBOR supports a balanced approach to address workforce housing demands, creating new jobs, protecting industrial and commercial zones as well as preserving open space and our unique quality of life.

LACBOR supports reliable sources of affordable and diverse energy supplies, including renewable sources and conservation, done in a responsible manner that preserves property values and minimizes environmental impact and blight to an area

LACBOR supports realistic, fair and consistent water discharge requirements as well as policies on solid waste management so that the collection, transport, processing and disposal of solid waste is conducted with minimal impacts on our beaches and on our businesses.

LACBOR supports a long-term, comprehensive County water plan that is reliable and includes conservation, new supply, reclamation, storage and conveyance that is equitable for all County residents and businesses.


LACBOR opposes new taxes on real estate transactions that would negatively impact the buying and selling of real estate, both residential and commercial, in Los Angeles County

LACBOR supports reducing the high tax burden on businesses as well as a tax/fee structure that does not put businesses at a competitive disadvantage

LACBOR opposes a split-roll taxation system

LACBOR will examine new proposed parcel taxes on a case-by-case basis, but generally opposes these parcel taxes if they have been proposed without consultation with the local REALTOR® Association. 


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